March 12, 2017 (updated Sept. 26, 2017)

I’m on the road a lot when it’s not tax season for two reasons: continuing education and family vacations.  In 2017 I’m scheduled to go to:

  • AICPA Engage Conference in Las Vegas June 10-14
  • Alliance of Comprehensive Planners Annual Conference in San Antonio November 8-11
  • Western New England University Tax Institute – Wednesday November 11
  • At least 40 hours of tax updates on various days to be scheduled in the Fall, dates TBD

We also have family vacations:

  • Each April I take two week’s of vacation (one week-day for each week I worked without a day off in tax season) the moment tax season ends and am back by May 1st.
  • In late June I’ll go camping in Michigan with my dad – no cell service whatsoever there! This is a re-occurring trip: this year it’s scheduled for June 14-June 20th, so, yes, I’m flying straight from Las Vegas to a rural campsite. Packing will be challenging for this trip.
  • At some point each summer I’ll spend a week at Peaks Island – that time I’ll have my laptop and answer emails each day.  This year I’m tentatively scheduled to be there July 7-15.
  • Sammy will be heading off to college this year. I’ll probably take some time during the week around August 23st-August 30th to get him set up and delivered to college. I’ll be around all September, though, contemplating what the words “empty nest” means, and finishing extensions due October 15th.
  • Because I usually host Thanksgiving, I don’t work the Wednesday or Friday then, but I do work the week between Christmas and New Year for urgent last minute planning purposes.
  • There’s a trip planned from December 4th  to 12th to London. Helping my clients reach their goals has inspired me with some of the YOLO spirit, too!

I also generally post what I’m up to on Facebook, too.

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